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Oh my lord. This is probably the best DnB I've heard on NG so far. And I've been here for a long while! The chord progressions are tasty as hell, the sound itself is very intriguing and unique, and the pad-work is practically flawless.

One thing I miss, though, is some variation on the drum loop, and I think the intro should be made a little fuller. Some EQ-tweaking and filtering oughta fix that. (But that's just my opinion)

Great track overall! Voted 5/5, faved, and followed!

Take care!


JandreParis responds:

Tanks ya, tanks ya! I've been around myself for quite sometime, mostly hiding in the shadows and uploading here and there.

Ah, the drum variations will certainly be sorted out. I've got some ideas for 'em.

Fuller intro? Hmm... could be, could be. I've been tweaking the mix often so it may just need some more nuances here and there. Or a bit of a soft growler underneath the pads. Ideas....



This song has its ups and downs.

- Melody is pretty interesting. It never heads off to places that it shouldn't go, it stays within the frame but remains interesting.
- Drums are kickass.
- The mix is well balanced.
- Breakdowns \m/

- Song is, overall, waaay too synthetic.
- Guitars sound extremely computerized.

I always get real picky when it comes to metal and such. I actually think the song was pretty heavy, but the guitar sound is really distracting. This song could've worked totally fine if you added some vocals to it. Without any singing, the guitars pop out of the mix in a way that gives the song this oldschool-NG-flash-game-feel to it (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Conclusion: The composition itself was nice, but the sounds that the song is based on are pretty underwhelming and could use some work.

Frozenith responds:

It sounds very synthesized because I compose it to sound similar to psx MegaMan X4, X5, X6, with a modern quality and a powerful sound just like some of my favorite metal bands :)

And yes, you're right, I need to make better guitars. I'll do my best effort :)

Thank for your feedback, I'm glad that you listen n_n
Cheers from Chile!

When I started out making music I thought that everything I made was impeccably genius. Now, when look back on those tracks that I submitted to an old account back in '08 or something, I now realize how horrible it was. But if I hadn't made those awful tracks back then, maybe I wouldn't be where I am today.

In all honesty, this is not a very satisfying track. It's repetitive, discordant, and not so well mixed. For that I'm giving this submission half a star. But even though this song might not be top notch (in my opinion) it still has some potential to be part of some weird video game here on NG. And in the end, it's all good practice!

Nowadays I usually select my sounds first, write the music second, and mix/master lastly. From there I just keep mixing and adding more (but not too many) ingredients to the song. After that I compile and listen the song, but just because it sounds good NOW it doesn't mean it will sound as good later. So I let the track rest for a day or so, and then I re-listen the song.

That process goes on and on, until finally I've managed to create something that sounds good most of the times I listen to it.

Moral of the story; You are your worst critic. Don't submit stuff on impulse. Carefully go through the rights and wrongs with your track, and then fix the wrongs.

Pro-tip: Run the track through different speakers and/or headphones to see if the song sounds good through all of the sounds systems.

I hope I didn't sound like a total douche, and that my advise was of some help. Merry Christmas!


IPSBLT responds:

When i started to make music, like you, i thought my music is somehow...good.Goooooooood.But when i read all your review for my song (with that half star ), i started to heard my songs again and realize that was just a dumb or something.And because thatt i think i'll try to remake those one-the good the better.
Thanks for your advice!
Merry Christmas!

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God, this is lovely...

The moon and fog doesn't really blend with the rest of the picture, though. But then again, who has the right to question art?

Good work, lad.


Troisnyx responds:

Eh, thanks : ) The moon and fog, I'll admit, were an afterthought, as I did that last -- and a Grimshaw moon works best with a great amount of perspective and detail, both of which this drawing doesn't have.

Still, I'm glad you like it.

P.S.: I'm a lass, not a lad. ; )

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